Foundation Wall Repair & Replacement

Foundation wall replacement and repair typically involves a partial replacement of one or two walls in most situations. Improper drainage for water, lack of structural pilasters on long walls, or improper material used for back fill tend to be the main causes of structural failure of foundation walls. In these cases wall replacement may be the only option to repair. Ignoring foundation wall failure can lead to severe damage to your home and cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair the unnecessary damage caused, if not dealt with at the first signs of an issue.

Stone Creations has a team of highly skilled workers that specialize in foundation wall repair and replacement. With over 30 years experience and using the latest in advanced masonry materials we ensure 100% satisfaction of structural integrity to your new construction. When foundation walls fail it is possible the structure above will settle and can drastically knock out the leveling of the structure. Look for signs of unleveled floors, cracks in the Sheetrock, cracks in the foundation walls, dampness on the foundation walls and water puddling on the floor next to the foundation walls. If you have noticed signs such as these DO NOT give it a chance to get worse. Call, Email, or Text Stone Creations for a FREE home inspection that can quickly ascertain your problem and provide viable foundation repair solutions that have been proven to work. Our team of professionals determine the exact cause of the structural failure and prioritize a solution for the underlying problem to ensure the damage does not occur again.

Most foundation wall replacement is done by setting bracing, shoring up the damaged wall and jacking or lifting the structure while the damaged foundation walls are taken out and replaced. Minimal lifting of the structure is typical however in some cases the structure may have settled several inches and requires jacking the structure to its original level position. Utilities that may be affected can be disconnected and placed back in the correct place or moved to a more optimal location to be reconnected to the structure according to your building codes.

Replacement materials for the foundation walls generally consist of concrete blocks and/or solid concrete both of which are reinforced with steel rebar and pilasters strategically placed throughout the wall(s). In the case of Concrete Block the centers are filled with masonry mortar and steel rebar at multiple locations to add structural strength and integrity to the foundation wall(s). Drainage is then placed around the wall(s) exterior footing. In some cases with foundations floors where there is no French drain on the interior of the wall(s) new drainage can be installed as well. This adds to the ability to control the waters direction and pressure in which it gets directed to a sump pump if one exists. The last steps are then to water proof the exterior of your new foundation wall(s) by using waterproofed mortar, Thoroseal, and/or foundation tar depending on the type of Foundation wall(s). The walls are let to cure and backfilled with proper backfill. A proper grade to the landscape will be given to help water shed off and get directed away from your wall(s).

Don’t wait for more damage to occur! Wall Replacement can get expensive. Allowing more unnecessary damage will only result in further structural damage throughout the rest of the building adding additional repair cost and putting you and your family at a increased risk in an unsafe home. Our home inspection and estimates are FREE! You have nothing to lose by contacting us now, and only a safe and structurally sound home to gain for you and your family.

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